10 types of guys to avoid dating 8 Types Of Guys Women Avoid

10 types of guys to avoid dating, 1. the bad boy

He will judge and preach to everyone around him — including you — on anything he perceives as a bad habit. Such men avoid opening up to a woman and always think every woman is out to get him. Then his insecurity, his desire to share all his feelings and constant need for reassurance will have you wanting to shake off this stage-five clinger like he's on fire.

The 8 Types Of Guys Women Will Do Anything To Avoid

This dude will turn any and all conversations into heated debates, which likely evolve into full-blown, gloves-off arguments. Dates should be pleasant experiences, not a way to stress you out and make you feel defensive, angry and frustrated.

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The Sexist Pig It's shocking that this guy is even on a date at all because you can practically feel the hate he has towards women, be it the way he belittles you, his rude behaviour or his insulting comments.

Plus, "maniac" is part of his title, so that really should've been a dead giveaway. This type of men are always right and never wrong.


Every woman should avoid guys who act like they know it all. Most women have issues finding the right man because they ignore the warning signs of a potentially bad relationship early on in the dating process.

You put yourself at risk dating such a man and you will never be free to truly express yourself in that relationship. The Egomaniac It's one thing to be confident but this guy almost can't get into the room, his head is so big.

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The Tasteless Oaf This barbarian doesn't even pretend that he's not checking out other woman when he's with you. Run from this type of men because they end up being very abusive.

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The Know-It-All Nobody likes a know-it-all and this is no exception. Judgy McJudges-a-Lot A self-righteous guy is so wrong.

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Denette Wilford is a writer with a focus on entertainment and lifestyle. I'm not saying order the lobster, beef tenderloin and four drinks, but it shouldn't feel like you have to stick to a budget either.

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Avoid dating men who use broad generalisations about how women are gold-diggers or are not to be trusted. He leaves the house before the sun is up, he toils at the office until 10 type of guys to avoid dating everyone but the maintenance crew is gone and then needs to unwind at bar before coming home for a couple hours of sleep to then do it all over again. Hey, if that's your thing too, then he's the man for you, but if he's not, he won't be able to sit still long enough to just relax.

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You're the side piece in this scenario. Slick Rick He rolls up to the club in a giant SUV with blacked-out windows and shiny rims, he and his posse take up the VIP section and he's dropping names left and right.

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Dating a man who always wants things his way will make the relationship one-sided.