Dating crown ducal

Dating crown ducal

The outer sails have a similar look of Stitch and the hills that form the background remind me of Omar.

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The answer lies as it often did with her workin the influence of her father, Frederick Alfred Rhead. This is a strange one as it is clearly a trial piece — featuring a previously unseen pattern, as well as some colour variations and even notes written on the vase itself.

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One day someone will make sense of it all! The first new backstamp style comes with the arrival of the Gainsborough shape for tableware. The pattern books do record the design numbers for each colour, blue-greenpinkOld English bluegreyCobalt top global dating sites with gold edge The Washington bicentenary must date to and I believe the Colonial Times range does as well. There are similarities between the two patterns — notably the blue trailing mast flag and the central mast itself.

The Empress pattern,would be a good example of one of the earlier designs that used it, but any Avon shaped ware, typically with coloured bands, floral transfers and printed repeating motif borders in gold are likely to have this style.

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One possibility, and it is purely my own guess! The long production period is confirmed by newspaper advertisements from still promoting Bristol pattern dinner services The backstamp without A. If my deductions are correct then this provides a neat snapshot of which Rhead patterns were popular at that time.

Type That is enough for now! It all adds to the intrigue, conjecture and debate, and illustrates further that there is still lots more to find out, not just about Charlotte herself, but also the production techniques at the factories she worked for.

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Not all designs were given names and so there are examples that fall into the type category without names or numbers in the backstamp. Type Again, in another backstamp design, typewas produced, this time a self coloured lithograph, transferand was applied mostly to their white glazed Avon range tableware. The item would have been made after that date, but not simply anytime after that date. The version illustrated in the documents is the matt black ground version with blue interior, but the same numbers can appear on the orange lustre versions.

When it comes to the main design, I think it stands out a mile as a typical Charlotte Rhead motif.

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I have not spent much time on studying Bristol marks so there are bound to be corrections necessary. Can anyone tell me anything about it please', 'timestamp': Andrea 8 June at I am going to group these together. Richardson Crown Ducalbut it is missing some vital datings crown ducal that would confirm it — there is no Ducal backstamp, pattern number, decorator mark or facsimile signature.

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Normal 0 dating crown ducal false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4. I believe the Gainsborough Rural England series with this backstamp style are from the early s, but there is uncertainty, so this needs more research.

From onward the lamps tend to get marked with the backstamp type The general style of this backstamp will be familiar to those who have seen very early Crown Ducal ware, and I described many versions of the strap and buckle style in my blog on backstamps — part 1. Part 1 approx http: