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Dating my female professor, want to add to the discussion?

Really would love it if she would teach somewhere else. Interestingly enough, there's no policy on dating former undergrads. I think any sort of rule- social or legal- which prevents two people dating hiv positive man forming any kind of bond is absolutely cruel and useless.

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If you like it, go for it! I don't think I've ever caught him ogling a student. If you're still a student of his, it's a pretty unprofessional thing to do.

Why would you hesitate? Please let us know what happens, OP.

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I had made the choice to make a grown man in a position of power shake with desire. He was incredibly supportive but also gave me the drive to focus on my studies, ace my final assignments and complete my thesis. I'm not saying that you shouldn't pursue this because of that, or that he has any intention of messing with your grades if you turn him down. Now that I've actually written this out, I think I've convinced myself to say yes I think this is a good point.

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I get lots of email from dating my female professor college students coping with huge crushes on their instructors as well as a wealth of anecdotes from older people recalling their own experiences of being smitten with the man or the woman in front of the classroom.

My mom was one of my dad's law professors. I could be wrong, but this seems totally fine. He probably should have waited a bit longer, but once the letter is written I don't see a problem with him asking for the date.

Without support from fellow students and, often, dismissed by the other professors in the departmentmany of these once-promising grad students wind up out of the discipline entirely. What you originally found sexy and charismatic may seem horribly normal and bland outside of the classroom. You're way overthinking this. Go get him tiger!

Okay, so with the risk of being downvoted A professor who sleeps with students should find him- or herself wandering in the professional wilderness for a good long time. So just because somebody behaves well in their workplace it doesn't necessarily follow that they will behave well in their romantic relationships. And while most people seem clear that college professors should never date those who are actually enrolled in their classes, there's a lot of uncertainty about whether it's a good idea for datings my female professor to pursue their crushes after the term is over.

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I would advise you to ask him to postpone your first date until you have secured a job. Academia is full of gossip.

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We talked about it once or twice and realized it was a depth thing. Now if both of you can't deny your feelings for each other, then that's another subject.

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I should note that our school did not have a formal policy forbidding our relationship. Nationally, universities have taken different approaches to the problem of professor-student relationships. You must create an account or log in to dating my female professor on posts on Reddit.

It is free and quick.

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Want to add to the discussion? He asked you in the most respectful way possible. He sounds intelligent and professional. The fact that these women were only a few years younger than me and in one instance, three years older made these affairs no less inexcusable. He is a great mentor but also someone I feel completely at ease with.