Dating questions to ask someone 15 Great First Date Questions

Dating questions to ask someone, ask him these top 25 if you have a crush on him

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Cause i really like this guy he makes me smile like nobody in the whole world could hes soo cute and very nice i want him to feel the same about me…. I love every one of these.

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These all seem like good first date questions. Do you have any pet peeves?

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You never know what the answer might be, plus he might clam up because it is something he does not want to talk about. Apparently, some people disagree. Share Tweet Pin It. Minot Little Minot Little is a freelance writer who has been getting paid for spreading her sarcastic take on love, life, and sex since Do you know what Chinese zodiac you are?


That way, I am aware of what not to do to get dating questions to ask someone his skin. If you could be a character in any movie, who would you be? Rochelle Frazier December 26, This question lets you and your significant other see if you're on the same paths.

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Would you consider yourself a sarcastic person? They are nicely groomed—stylish, but not overdone. Regardless of your actual age, do you consider yourself to be an adult? I always have a hard time getting the conversation going with a guy.

What do you want to have going on in your life in 5 years, or 10, or 15?

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Each person gets a turn—and no one hogs the ball. Are you a naturally jealous person?

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I believe that if our person of interest finds these interesting to answer and are capable of answering them, they certainly may be a great candidate to consider spending your time with. Frederic Jerone September 3,8: What do you think other people look down on you for?

See more first date questions we love! The sad thing is that most praise is not mentioned right to the person and behind their back instead.