Dating valve radios Dating your radio

Dating valve radios

I bought this set some time ago - in fact it is probably the one in my dating valve radios that has been waiting the longest for repair!

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A specially coated shield or cathode surrounding the filament was introduced. If you are interested in the history of radio and on holiday in Verona a good way to spend an afternoon would be to visit The Museo della Radio D'epoca.

How can I date my old radio?

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They are particularly keen on awkward tuning drive arrangements, positive feedback tone controls, and using unexpected valve types. I have a battery-powered radio. Crystal mode, you will need to provide a pair of crystal earphones not Suppliedthe power is switched off and you will need an earth connection. Often a strong indicator of when a radio was made.

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Wooden cabinets were used during all periods from the s to the present. Plastic insulated wiring started to be used during the 's as love after 3 years dating dating valve radios for rubber which was in short supply.

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A valve bearing the letters BVA will have been made after In the mid to late 's sets designed primarily to receive the high quality frequency modulated signals became available, but as coverage was initially patchy most were still also capable of receiving the medium an long wave band stations.

Sets using only dull-emitter triodes will most likely date from or just before. The prices in guidebooks are for working radios in excellent condition. If you are logged in please click the red X button on the right to accept our cookies and remove this message. I have had quite a few enquiries concerning old radios, their age and value. If you look at a bunch of old radios, you'll see that many of them list exactly the same patents.

It features a stereo amplifier and twin speakers.

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Should I plug it in to see if it works? Most s tubes had glass envelopes and large bakelite bases with four or five pins. Triode valves of this period had 4 pins.

Radios with octal tubes 8 pins primarily are from the mid 30s, 40s, and 50s. That era of Zenith clock radios used Telechron movements.

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Test equipment, except for high-end tube testers, has little value. Vintage Bakerlite Bush valve radio spares or repairs - no valves Spares or repairs - no valves. Radios with 4 to 7 pins large pins are from the late 20s through the 30s.

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But it uses special copper coated screening cans which gives good selectivity. Some radios have a name in addition to or, occasionally, instead of a model number. That's why the patent numbers are shown. Manufacturers and Sets Menu.

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A few very rare radios are worth a lot. How do I go about it? The insulating material at this time would be rubber or varnish impregnated sleeving.

Find More Posts by Goldieoldie. PYE R33 valve radio valves glow not much else note chip in back panel and cap from lh knob interesting small valve radio project. The small front knobs are incorrect and there is no back - apart from that it is complete and in good order.

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Model numbers can include any combination of letters and numbers, and they may be long or short, although most are from two to six characters in length. You may observe that some dials for sets marketed in USA are marked with two triangles at and kHz, this means that the set was made between and Can I get it to work better?