Ethiopian dating african american Ethiopia: Whatâs wrong Ethiopian women dating African American

Ethiopian dating african american

Until Africans change their attitude towards Blacks in America, there will always be a rift between perfect events speed dating two groups.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

And if you have done generalized everyone same because of ur one encounter, what if that bartender has that one bad encounter that made him generalize every A American to be the same as well… if steve happen to generalize every one the same he is in the running for being racist as ethiopian dating african american EmpreZion aka Wifiyah Hakim. But Black women who do, be safe and have fun.: Send us your feedback.

Posted in the African-American Forum. He is the ethiopian dating african american of my life and is like no other man I've been with in the past. Africans did not teach Greeks anything!

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His words came sincerely — out of curiosity more than anything else and, I suppose, concern. Notify me when there are new discussions. This girl was too fertile.

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Jan 12 19 Location hidden Please wait I would like to hear from everyone, especially any Ethiopian women themselves. I received a call from a good friend of mine earlier this week. They feel it will be lost if they marry outside and won't be pasted on to children. As an African Kenyan this is expected behaviour from the Ethiopian community. Youre supposed to marry up! Maybe, I replied, I ventured in here hoping, perhaps, to discover some measure of kinship.

I am Ethiopian and I know there is bunch of uninformed wanderers out there.

Anyone Notice Ethiopian Women Do Not Date Other Africans - Romance - Nairaland

Who said anything about my Cameroon womans family expecting a thank you card. I forgot to mention Eris are freakier than their Ethio sisters.

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Oct 09 35, New Zealand Please wait Your hair is pretty. It is different strokes for different folks. I was shocked myself.

I agree, but the person making these threads are giving these people a ego boost. Oct '07 23 min el rey de los cam I wouldn't be against dating them only if they are nice and not ignorant about AA women.

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Ethiopians like the bartender and rest open ur minds…do on to others the same you want it to be done to you!!! I thought about his question. I have dated an ethiopian woman and she was wonderful,the only thing is all races have cultural differences that can make or break a relationship,take the good with the bad,and see the true meaning of luv,lived outside the United states many years,so I can relate.

So, I began calling other friends with various levels of knowledge and familiarity with Africa. This cycle is in the hood mainly. International users, click here.

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Subject 3 Against All Odds. I bet fazio is not Ethiopian Tell me when this thread is updated: These threads make AA women look soooo thirsty. I bet that is what happened in your situation.