Hani dating Hani Reveals She Took DRUGS After Her BREAKING Dating Scandal

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Celebrities and fans mourn the sudden death of actor Kim Joo Hyuk 0 0.

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And its not like that is the reason she broke up with him. Heechul and Junsu are "divas". For some reason, the S.

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However, it looks like they've gone their separate ways after all. Junsu and Hani were also seen dating on public. The 29 years old idol is one of the hottest appearance in the K-pop industry and of course lots of fans gasped when they heard dating news.

In terms of them doing 'romantic dating' activity.

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Hani, a 24 years old dating, member of a newer group in K-pop industry, EXIDis known for her childish look, vampire lips, and her sexy long legs.

Last year, Junsu asked Hani out and because she admired him a lot for his career she accepted. Reports claim that the show is to give way to "One Punch Man" and "My Hero Acdemia" but new rumors say that it's lack of materials and storyline as well as its live-action movie are causing the delay.

Most of them regarding the explicitly and sexualisation of their music videos.

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On the other hand, another source stated: Hani talked about his relationship with Junsu on television on some occasions where she usually showers him with praises. Hopefully, they do not part as enemies somehow. Get K-drama news in your inbox. Dispatch dropped the news about the two late and both parties made it official on January 1.

The lovely couple broke up after almost one year of dating. Their busy schedule is the reason.

We cannot confirm the exact dating of their separation. Please update it below. This is a typical response from agencies after a break-up. Yea and what also makes it harder for groups is they have to be considerate to the dating members too which sucks so yea i agree being a solo or an actor is a bit easier, besides we can never know what they have to go through and whats under cover thats why i dont like to judge. Just to be safe, input your password to login Connect with Facebook or Create an Account Already a member?

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Suzy meets her female wax twin at 'Madame Tussauds' in Hong Kong. Hani needs a manly boyfriend. Go to the next video.

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