Hook up fm antenna vintage receiver Can someone show me how to hook up an FM antenna? Please!

Hook up fm antenna vintage receiver

Hope I was helpful!!

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It's made with speaker wire wrapped around a 1" dia. Not easy for a non-professional to do.

Paul CMar 7, The Pioneer SX has a hook up fm antenna vintage receiver channel tuning indicator but no signal strength. I would just try the dipole the "T" shaped antenna hooked to the ohm terminals on your receiver.

If your receiver does not have connections for 75 ohm, but you have cable coming in from the antenna, then connect a balun aka transformer to the end of the cable. That's what I asked at the top, and Undermine said a balun should be used.

An older unit will likely have 3 terminals You would connect one side of the lead to one terminal and the other side to the other. Share This Page Tweet. HolstMar 7, Kenwood and Pioneer are at fault.

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Bunty2May 8, This is for coax. You must log in or sign up to reply here. My problem really is just connecting the coax plug to the receiver's old unit wire input method.

It can be very helpful for FM issues. In the mean time, when tuning a strong station try sneaking up to it. Poke around this site. You simply screw the antenna lead into this. Either signal would need a splitter That would be the better way to go. Plus, there's a good chance they'll carry a pre-made "T" type antenna for a couple bucks that'll perform a little better than a homebrew job made from speaker wire.

Connect the spade lugs to the ohm terminals on your receiver or tuner, and screw your incoming cable to the other end of the transformer. I saw Dick Smith had a balun convertor, perhps that would work into the Ohm I take it the tv antenna feed is 75 Ohm? These are for ohm "flat" lead, which is rarely used anymore. AM loop antennas, and that type is the only practical type for AM reception, connect to ground the AM, which is the terminal on the far right of that antenna terminal group. This is why I thought a balun would make a good physical converter. No, it's fine to do that. Should coaxial cable be involved S Crow Wing Co.

Interesting, nickrobotron still hangs out here, so I'm wondering how often he finds himself listening to FM these days? I get it on a boom box, my truck, etc. No, I will be using it for tv as well. I'm going to try a Radio Shack Cat. They can also be mounted in the attic or the top of a closet if outdoor mounting isn't feasible. I would like to start listening to more of it though.

I'm following this thread with interest.

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Which suggested to me that the GND terminal is part of the connection that was planning to be used with the Jaycar balun. I'd recommend a balun if you can find one with the right impedance, although this is more of an issue with TV than radio.