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What should I do? Connect the aerial to the main cable coming into the house, and it can be watched on any TV hooked to that cable line in the house.

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The next time you visit this site, your settings will be there. The reason is that the TV signal loses strength for every foot of cable that it has to go through.

The bonus is that this improves reception and you might be able to get even more channels than before!

Tweaking Your Antenna Position

For instance, at our address, a medium-sized directional antenna would appear to be the right choice. The antenna should have a connector on it that has a wire in the center that goes in the hole and then the barrel threads onto the cylinder.

The RF, S, video and component connectors all transmit an analog signal. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. How high the antenna must be mounted will depend on your situation.

All modern digital TVs don't need a converter to receive freetelevision and radio stations.

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An HDMI cable is the best and easiest digital option, because it transmits video and audio through one cable. The box requires power because it amplifies the signal. It won't tune in any unless you do this.

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However, the signal to each set is not as strong than if you are using one cable and set. Connecting an indoor antenna to a TV lets you pick up terrestrial broadcasts without the hassle of mounting an external antenna on the roof or to the side of a building, then running cables indoors. Chances indoor antenna hookup, you are going to wind up scanning and programming channels you have absolutely zero indoor antenna hookup in receiving.

How would I hook the coaxial cable to it? Why are all my channels analog, not digital? Yes, I know it is more of a pain to have to hook up this box in your attic or wherever your antenna is, and supply power to it, etc.

After my last move, I mounted my antenna near a window. Since most over the air television stations broadcast in HD signal, you can get high definition versions of most network shows using a good old fashion, rabbit ear antenna — if you live in a city or metropolitan area.

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Try smoldering the wires that connect from the antenna to the TV together, or use liquid electrical tape to secure them together. The key to success is to manage your expectations and prepare yourself for a little trial an error. Not Helpful 19 Helpful In fact, since it is uncompressed, it will likely be the best picture you get outside of UHD Blu-ray discs.

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Getting the best reception requires lots of indoor antenna hookup with where you put your antenna in your room. Here are some tips on how to install a TV antenna in your home, as well as hunt down the perfect one for where you live.

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If you're using an extension cable, connect the cable to the antenna as well as the TV's input port. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Simply insert the red and white connectors into the audio out jacks of the same color on your cable box. Adjusting your antenna is a trial-and-error experience, so don't worry about getting it right on the first try. When your TV is done scanning, it should not only tell you how many channels it has found but which ones are locked in.

Scanning for Channels on Your TV

Determine your television's antenna connector type. Your indoor antenna hookup attaches with a cable — it has an F connector. All the cable TV and satellite TV stations are broadcast as digital. Not Helpful 20 Helpful Component cables have three individual cables connected together. You can typically do this by typing in your location and "tv broadcast station" into Google. It splits and gives you some signal boost at the same time.