Mwo matchmaking Changes to Solo Quick Play Matchmaking Restrictions

Mwo matchmaking

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There are too many choices available to players, and there's way too many combinations matchmaking. If that doesn't sound good, I'd even be down for trying varying numbers of total mechs on a team. Winner was decided even on even tonnage, no question about that.

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Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. And I know that it is different, because my win rate dropped from about 1.

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Did not really plan an official phase 3, as it was just supposed to be a gradual. I thought I should now take a screenshot and share this with you all because this was repeated mostly. As a light you can skirt around the entire time shooting all you want but you're not a target of opportunity while your teammates are getting rolled.

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I also like voting for game mode. Match quality has been decent though.

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Has anyone here ever seen this video series? Please don't misrepresent your affiliation.

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Maelysse Regular Extra matchmaking Extra info Posts: Having a hard time picking a name? Honestly I think what we need is someone who really knows the ins and outs of MWO possibly Tahribator, So1ahma or people along those lines and for PGI to be in direct contact with them and take in their feedback.

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In order of opperation, these appear to filer based on this criteria:. Edit Vandalhooch hits that one right on the head. Of course certain people will have a bit of a meltdown over this but that can't be helped.

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Not much, but way more quality to it then the bitching about bad teammates in T4. It also has idiotic spawn zones and is super hot.

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Basically, PGI is saying I'd say the 3R and use 3x AC This conversation is a perfect example of downvote abuse. Piscataway pitching school expansion. I now have to work for it.