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Comment by danny on May 9, 7: By Davvan in forum Main Forum.

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I have several watches with the E6B scale on them and never bothered to learn how to use it, lol. I would appreciate any information you can give me. Hi again Three things: I have a Seiko watch serial No.

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Serial Number All modern Seiko watches have the date of manufacture contained in the 6 digit Serial number. By the early s, the caliber was replaced by the with the same features and is still used in Seiko 5 automatics for ladies. I found your site very informative. I was looking at it amongst a group of watches but in the end I plumped for a Citizen CAA, which had features that encapsulated the whole group. Example 1 Mvmt-Case Serial.

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If your last for digits are then you have the first watch made for that model reference number. Originally Posted by behrad jafari. The sales assistant wrote the serial numbers on the guarantee but did not say which is for which dating serial number. Comment by ganes on April 17, 9: More feedback from owners having the newer 7s26C movement are needed to pinpoint the exact month Seiko introduced the 7s26C.

The Seiko manufacture date decoder

Automatic watches are purely mechanical and are not electronic. My SKA is the black P. After your last advice I internetted Orient automatics and you are of course right, they are a great idea.

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A member of the Bell Matic blog dated it at Oct Hope this helps, Quartzimodo. All times are GMT Just picked up a Seiko 5 with Thai numbers today. I think as well, that as Seiko only use the last year of the date, you must at least know which decade your watch is from.

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BTW, have you ever considered Orient automatic watches before? Thank you in advance.

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It is the same database but on better hosting. Thanks for reporting your watch production dates.

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Congratulations on buying both wow! I has 1 Seiko 5 Sports, Could you please help me to know this watch is original one or replica.

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It is generally believed that the first watch produced every month begins with "" and the dating serial number watch made in that month ends with "". Basic Seiko 5 models made from the year onwards have clear glass display backs as you can see above. I have only three or four white dialed Seiko models, but their index markers are black, providing some contrast.