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Quaternary Science Reviews24pp. Quaternary Geochronology27, pp. Fund and National Science Foundation. Radiocarbon52 2pp.


Fri, 13 Oct Advances in Chemical Pre-treatment. Radiocarbon51 2pp. Radiocarbon58 4pp.

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Holocene25 10pp. A status report on the fourth international radiocarbon intercomparison. Progress in Physical Geography29 4pp.

Radiocarbon52 3pp. High carbon dating levels in UK coal gases will help to monitor unconventional gas extraction Wed, 27 Sep Journal of Environmental Monitoring6, pp.

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Accelerator mass spectrometry AMS is ultrasensitive isotope ratio mass spectrometry of small prepared samples. Fully Funded PhD Studentship: Radiocarbon57 4pp. Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, pp. In contrast, however, the oceans and the life that they support represent a rather heterogeneous reservoir that is not in equilibrium with the atmosphere. Environmental geochemistry series 1.

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Vernacular Architecture38 1pp. Quaternary Science Reviews77, pp. Geochronometria21, pp. Council for British Archaeology: New carbon dating reveals extraordinary lifespan of Martian volcano Tue, 03 Oct This is further complicated by the fact that thermohaline circulation and upwelling patterns mean that the oceanic environment and the plant and animal life that it supports represents a rather heterogeneous environment with respect to 14 C activities, irrespective of corrections for fractionation. Quaternary Geochronology4 2pp.

Much analysis is done at the low ion energy limit of the technique, including use of ultrathin SiN detector entrance windows for heavy-ion analysis. Radiocarbon58 4pp. Recovery and Interpretation of Archaeological Data.

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An isotopic comparison with other records from western Europe and Greenland. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Re dating Danebury hillfort and later prehistoric settlements in the environs: Journal of Archaeological Science39 7pp.