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They aren't scaled for solo play at all and from what I gather they're basically impossible even if you're a great player.

What Matchmaking has become in The Division!

I've done some random match making groups and while not as efficient as your friends but overall it went well. We should not have to go to this Extreme Extent to play the freaking game.

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Magic penguin the power of farting ice shards. Please Experience what we go through everyday. I'm not sure whether that means it doesn't work right or not. I emptied an entire clip into an enemy at point blank range and took off only a quarter of their health and my weapon has stability and accuracy mods.

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By Sheldon Phoenix - 13 hours ago. The Fractured But Whole and awesome collectibles.

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Teaming up with at least 2 other people is really really important, especially later on in the game. I forget which character level it is I want to say either level 16 or 18 but there is a big difficulty spike. Its pretty annoying to have to run those missions twice, even if they're super easy.

That's a terrible experience but I'm getting to the point of just frustration and wanting to give up.

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Challenge modes are the only place you need to coordinate. Before I was ready to quit the game till the first DLC arrived.


Please fix or revert these changes because its joust causing frustration that is not need at this point where the game is at. First game I played on a new Packard The league dating app canada Pentium desktop for studying purposes, obvious Occasionally you get a good group who understands the benefit but it's no different from other games.

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A tonne of awesome gaming hardware deals from South Afr Join players that are already in game and about to start a mission. GT Sport is a gorgeous racer that relies on its flawles Stay to the southern end of the DZ north is harder enemies and definitely more for truly exceptional play or groups - if you're not coming prepared with a plan for stuns and damage then you're dead; also the north is always lvl recommended and doesn't scale down to you level and go in mainly when you're at an instance boundary eg lvl19, lvl24, lvl MonkeyKing Follow Forum Posts: Go to the what is matchmaking in the division station, click "accept", and off you go.

I've encountered this same sort of quitting behavior when the group is dying a lot multiple times in the matchmaking system, and it has been frustrating.

Now that was nausea in a box waitin Watch the map for your friends and fast-travel to their destination Trash your low level stuff Search out-of-the-way spots, you might discover a secret Don't forget to unlock your new skills as you level up Remember with automatic weapons - short taps of the trigger, not sustained volleys Execute a quick dodge roll to escape grenades Explore the battlefield for better sniping positions camping anyone?

How to group with friends in The Division

Keep it fun, keep it respectful and remember that in the end -- it's just a game. It will find a game super quick.

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Here are some available suggestions.