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Gormley explained that Bianca is "heartbroken because she's realised her relationship with Liam Murphy is over".

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InDarcy, who is now 16 years old, returns to Summer Bay with her grandmother, Cheryl to see Heath at the hospital, who got into a car accident. Liam told her to take polish dating swindon to sort through her feelings.

Bianca agreed to move in with him but Cheryl instantly parked herself on them. Bianca offers to lend him some money to buy a car, but she is displeased when he purchases a motorbike instead.

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She eventually got Leah to make a statement accusing Montgomery of bullying and, when Montgomery tried to frame Heath for assaulting her, had her suspended. Darcy starts at Summer Bay High in Year 7 and acts up due to having a crush on Jett James Bianca has word with Darcy after she sees her being mean to a Year 10 girl, but Darcy uses Bianca's memory loss to get out of trouble.

I was just unhappy,' he added. She returned and moved into a shack with Liam. When Heath and Bianca was getting married, Darcy was so excited to have Bianca as her stepmother, but was shocked and angry when Bianca punched Heath in the face at the wedding ceremony in front of her eyes and said to Heath that Bianca was very mean to punch him, but Heath said it's not Bianca's fault.

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She told first Liam and whom is from home and away dating in real life April but was annoyed when April told Heath, leading him to ask her if the baby was his. Gypsy later tells Bianca that Liam is not over her.

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Bianca noticed that Nate has a thing for Tori and convince him to win Tori over. Subscribe and we'll email you once a week with the latest Home and Away and Back to the Bay news.

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When Gina died, Bianca threw herself into getting things organised with the school. They marry the following day. She and Heath were left to navigate the problems of an amnesiac Tamara having feelings for Kyle rather than Casey and Bianca warned Tamara that Kyle was in love with her.

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She enrolled Pippa Saunders at the school and learned from Sally that she had mitochondrial disease. She was concerned to find April had condoms and sexy lingerie in her room and learned she was planning to sleep with Xavier after the formal just to lose her virginity. The scenes formed the serial's annual "cliff-hanger" episode.

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Sid Walker Robert Mammone tells her and Heath that the baby will have to be born early. InDarcy tells Heath that she wants to move in with Bianca once he and Bianca divorces, but Heath tells her that's not going to happen, as he and Bianca told her that they're not getting a divorce because Bianca is pregnant and Darcy is excited to be a big sister again.

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Sid and Heath arrived on the scene and Bianca was sedated and taken back to hospital. Retrieved from " http: Bianca starts to flirt with fellow teacher Liam and they develop an attraction.

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Is she really going to lie to the police and the man she loves? With Heath away on his stag weekend, Zac helped Bianca out with her wedding preparations but things became awkward when he asked her if she was sure she was marrying the right person.

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